Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Cinderella After Dark- Mein Beitrag zur Cinderella Blog-Parade

hallo, ihr lieben.
heute schreib ich mal auf deutsch. ich weiß, das ich lange nichts von mir hören lassen hab. 
ich entschuldige mich vielmals dafür, seitdem ich arbeite bleibt kaum zeit für andere sachen.
aber heute präsentiere ich euch mein AMU zur Cinderella Blog-Parade. ich hab mich für die thematik der szene aus dem disney film entschieden wo Cinderella nach mitternacht aus dem schloss stürmt und dabei ihren gläsernen schuh verliert. der dunkle sternenhimmel hat mich weitgehend inspiriert mit dunklen blautönen und einen champagnerfarbenen mit viel schimmer auf dem beweglichen lied zu verwenden und den gläsernen schuh zu repräsentieren. außerdem habe ich einen lila-blauen kajal in der inneren partie des unteren lids aufgetragen um so ein bisschen das wunderschöne kleid von Cinderella in dem AMU zu verewigen. 
Ich hoffe euch gefällt meine kleine kreation

Benutzt habe ich folgende Produkte:

BH Cosmetics Smokey Edition 28 Palette (die unteren blautöne und den champagnerfarbenen ton in der ersten reihe
Catrice Khol Kajal in Blues Willis
essence Love Letters LE Khol Kajal in Inkheart
wet'N' wild single shadow in Creme Brulee
Manhattan Gel Eyeliner in Black

(Nicht im Bild)

Manhattan Supreme Lash Mascara in Black
Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush
Essence Eyeshadow Brush
Zoeva 228 Crease Brush
Zoeva 315 Fine Liner Brush

Checkt auch die Looks oder Naildesigns der anderen talentierten Mädels aus:

Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

Welcome 2015 // book challenges, books and basically everything book related

Wow, I'm really bad at this blogging stuff, I'm sorry.
It's 2015 and I decided to start this year with a clean slate. 
I challenged myself to eat healthier, work out and loose a certain amount of weight by the time June hits. 
Besides challenging myself with a healthier lifestyle I also challenged myself to read a hundred books on Goodreads. I know it seems like a lot of books, it's not considering my TBR pile surpassed the 300 mark last month. 
Right now I have a little dilemma, there's this book I'm reading called Hotbed by Portia Da Costa, which is also my first ever book by her. Sometime last year I was on a book clearance sale and found this one for quite cheap, deciding to give it a try. I started it around the end of November last year and I'm *insert gasp* on page 39 of 287. Yeah, I know. The problem I seem to have is that it's the german edition of this novel and while it is an erotic novel (I do normally enjoy them) I find myself not liking it at all, might be partially because I'm so used to the english language that german comes of as harsh. Yeah, it's an erotic novel not a romance so there's pretty much only sex scenes in it. I find that english comes off more fluffy, soft when it comes to the smut scenes. I'm thinking about actually stopping and putting aside. Also I'm reading Last Rite by Lisa Desrochers which is the third and last book in the Personal Demons trilogy and so far I'm quite liking it. I read the first two about almost 2 years ago and I found myself diving back into that world quite fast. I just love Frannie and Gabe and Luc. Especially Luc. He's a badass demon. 

Also I found myself watching more and more booktubers (in case you don't know they are basically people that only talk books on Youtube. Only downside (well for my wallet and bank account) since I started watching those channels I find myself getting even more books then I already did before (if that is even humanly possible)
Aside from ordering and buying a lot more books I also gone ham on buying makeup. I ordered so many eyeshadow palettes, blush and contour palettes and buying makeup at drugstores. You can pretty much declare me obsessed both on makeup and books. 

I think that's enough of my rambling today. 

Until next time
xoxo le petit rêveuse

Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

le petit rêveuse- the girl behind it

hello guys,

I'm the girl behind ''le petit rêveuse'' which means little dreamer in french. I decided to start blogging (again) because I missed doing it. So here I am again, older maybe a little bit more mature. 

I live in a small city in the north of Germany. I'm a recently graduated nursery school teacher. 
On this blog you will find everything beauty related like reviews, hauls and make up looks but also I will fill you in on my addiction of books and bands. Here's a picture of me:

xoxo le petit rêveuse